Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sleep Deprived

Lately I have been fighting with myself to get more sleep at night when it's dark and normal people are supposed to be asleep.  Of course, I have a few things working against me--pain in the belly, not able to sleep comfortably on either side, the whir of a mind that wants to worry about bills or decide on a good food menu that will not cause added pain or a million other things.  My nightly routine has been to take a Lovenox shot about 10 PM, wait a few minutes, take two Motrin with a teaspoon of yogurt, wait a few minutes, then climb into bed with the fan blowing right on my feet and fall asleep.  Up until the last few weeks, this was working pretty well, but whether it's due to the more food I'm eating (more to digest and move through my belly's new course) or the additions to my schedule (shopping, etc.), I was not sleeping well.  I'd go to bed and a half hour later (or less), I'd be up to sit in the recliner, my back aching, my legs restless, my tummy hurting, my head buzzing.  I was afraid of keeping Dean awake with my constant movements.  I'd do laps around the TV room.  I'd get a drink (a sip, really) of water and then burp for 15 minutes--painful ones that make me squint and grit my teeth.  Last Saturday night was the worst yet.  I stayed up until 11, hoping to be more tired, but was up again at midnight.  I laid back in the recliner, hoping to ease my backache, but my stomach hurt.  I leaned forward in the recliner, but then my back would hurt.  It was about 3 AM before I finally dropped off in the recliner, and when the sun came up, I crawled into bed until about 10.  I didn't think it could get any worse until Sunday night.  Same thing--up, down, up, down, walking through my dark house like a zombie, everyone else sound asleep.  When I finally got to sleep, it was 5 AM!...and I slept until almost noon.  Not normal at all.
Made my way to Walmart yesterday and bought Motrin/PM.  It had to help or I would go crazy.  I really wanted to crawl into bed about four in the afternoon and take a big long nap, but my instincts kept saying that if I resisted, I could fall asleep at a normal time and sleep through the night.  We had a huge rainstorm that cooled off the night air and the dark clouds made me sleepier.  I ate less dinner, not wanting to add to the stomach pain, and at 9:30 I began my usual night routine, telling Dean that I was going to be in bed by 10 and stay there!  I took the Motrin/PM and felt myself relax the minute I hit the pillow.  I woke up thirsty at 2:30, but got a little water and rocked in the recliner for a few minutes.  J was at a friend's house, so I got into her empty bed and slept until about 4:00.  Went back to my own bed, put in earplugs (Dean was snoring in my ears), and was back to sleep in minutes.  I woke up at 9, pain-free and HAPPY.  It was a good night.  Now, if it will only continue...
(Picture:  Chelsea, Laura, and I at the St. George condo eating No-Bake Cookies...maybe 2000?  Fun, FUN times!)

Monday, July 9, 2012


Little things have started to improve in the past week.  I can eat more without adding more pain, but sometimes I overdo and just want to burst.  I actually went to a movie and out to lunch with hubby & daughter on Saturday and did okay, but Sunday was half a cup of pasta that just wouldn't sit right.  I've got 17 things on my To-Do list today, but it's almost 2:30 PM and four things are done.  I should be happy for those four things, and I am, but I'd like to turn off that nagging voice in my head that wants the other 13 done pronto.
I'm also working again, finally.  It's slow for me and each day depends on if I can sit in the computer chair for more than an hour.  But it feels good to hear familiar voices on my headset and see the meeting templates and let myself get back in the groove of transcribing.  I'm so grateful for a company that has allowed me to go at my own speed, jump in when my energy allows, and be supportive of those times when I can't even stand to turn on the computer.
I was thinking about family reunions this past week, as we marked 9 years since my dad passed away.  I found this GREAT picture of a family reunion at Lagoon--either Bartschi or Nelson--and I'd say maybe 1968-69??  On the left is my Aunt Marilyn Uharriet and baby Jennifer, me in the orange-ish blouse (I still remember it!), Uncle Raymond Uharriet, Grandma Lillie Bartschi, and in the forefront, my little sister Patti with her blanket.  Look how cute the adults are--I love Uncle Ray's sunglasses and his & Aunt Mem's smiles!  And my sweet Grandma Lillie!  And is that a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket by Uncle Ray??  Dean and I were talking the other day about KFC's big soft rolls they had when we were young...and how we'd break the rolls into pieces and pour the gravy all over the rolls!  Better than mashed potatoes!  Why did they change that?  We NEVER eat the biscuits!  Aww, summertime memories.  Maybe next summer will be more normal for me than the last two have been...