Saturday, January 12, 2013

Three Down

Third infusion is done. The worst part, again, was the lab work. After four pokes, still no luck finding a good vein for the IV. Poor Tammy, who has helped do my blood work numerous times, finally gave up and asked another nurse to just take blood for the doctor visit--the IV would have to be done at the Infusion Center. Had a good visit with Dr. Grossman's nurses, Carolyn & Jan. We went over all the annoying side effects of treatment and any significant changes (none to worry about) and even had some good laughs. Carolyn felt the groin tumor and said, "It seems to be less protruding!" Yes! That's what I wanted to hear! Blood tests came back good--good kidney and liver function and cancer-fighting cell count--but I am low in protein. Have to eat better, and on the days I don't feel like eating anything but crackers, I need to drink a good protein drink. I'll try it. Should help energy levels, too.

Lindsey & I had lunch on the top floor--I had soup, is anyone surprised? Then, back to the 2nd floor to the Infusion Center, where I had three more pokes before they called in the Big Guns--the PICC line crew & their invaluable ultrasound vein finder! Can we just start with them next time? They even gave me a shot of Lidocaine first in the IV spot, so I didn't feel a thing on that 8th poke! Finally, success! Geesh!

Got home about 5. Makes for a very long, tiring day, even though there isn't a lot of physical energy involved. I guess it's because the emotional stuff is so overpowering. I just want to chant, Kill! Kill! Kill! the whole time and get those immune cells jazzed....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Good/Bad Swing

In the last week or so, I've had some pretty significant good/bad swings.  I'll have a good day, which generally means that I don't have terrible stomach pains or diarrhea (sorry we have to discuss such a subject, but it is what it is!) and I can eat pretty much what sounds/looks/or smells good.  Lately, it's been SOUP!!  I am constantly dreaming about warm, creamy, savory soup.  (Cutler's Chicken & Wild Rice is my very favorite!)  It could be that it's freezing--literally--outside and I just can't seem to stay warm.  Soup satisfies my taste buds, my inner body temps, and my little tummy.  But, just as I start to enjoy that good feeling, I'll wake up feeling like anything I eat--even my beloved soup--will just cause more I don't eat anything.  I just sleep.  I'm warm, I'm unaware of being hungry, and I don't roam too far from home.  Last week, I had a "bad" day on Thursday.  Didn't do a darned thing I had on my To Do list.  Napped morning and afternoon.  Went to bed early.  Ate Saltine crackers and drank water.  Blah.  But, Friday, I had already planned on birthday shopping with my cute Janessa, so I pysched myself into having a "good" day--and it worked.  I crossed things off the list, I cleaned the house a bit, and the two of us went to the mall after school and shopped.  I got to have an Orange Julius and some dinner.  Saturday, I took Janessa and four of her friends bowling at Fat Cats.  We ate pizza.  I surprised her with a fantastical "Sweet 16" cake and had a bite.  Dean and I took her to Spaghetti Factory and I had spinach alfredo.  It was a GOOD day.  Sunday, not so much.  Out came the crackers again.  Made J's birthday dinner--meat loaf and garlic mashed potatoes--and had to "watch" her eat.  Bad day.  Up and down.  This is the normal life with IPI, I guess.

Tomorrow is another infusion, the third.  I get to visit with Dr. G.  I wonder what he'll say about my groin tumor (is it shrinking or is that just my imagination and wild hope?).  I wonder what he'll say about these good/bad swings.  I can't wait to get some upbeat advice on how to handle it all because I know he'll have it to give me.  And maybe I'll get to have soup for lunch??  We'll see.

I was thinking of taking a picture from the Infusion Center tomorrow to show you what I see when I'm there.  If it's a good day, it will be on the blog.  If not, well, we'll try again next time.