Monday, September 15, 2014

Every Little Thing

The other day could easily have qualified as a "bad" one. It seemed I couldn't catch a break, no matter what I tried. When J got in the car after school, I listened to her cute ramblings about HER day and waited to intrude on an obviously awesome school experience - which, by the way, doesn't always happen for her. When she was quiet, I said, "Well, I hate to tell you, but the Internet is down again." Her shoulders sagged. "Really?" I told her I had tried to fix it myself by unplugging & plugging in wires here, there, and everywhere, and it just wasn't responding. At least we had phone service this time, so I assumed the modem had finally died & I was going to have to fork out the few dollars needed for a new one - dollars earmarked for a REAL necessity. I almost stopped at the office supply store on the way home, but decided to wait a few more hours. "And that's not all," I continued. "I ordered you some jeans to replace the ones with holes in the knees & pockets and the delivery tracker said they were put in the mailbox a few days ago. I went out to check if there was a key in our box for the larger package box. There was...but I couldn't get the key in the lock! It seemed to be bent, like someone had forced it. I attached a little note to the key, asking if the mailman could check it out, but I was also going to have Dad try to open it somehow when he got home from work." She was excited about the new jeans, but shook her head as the story unraveled. Good grief! "AND..." I began, as she frowned, "I got the schedule for my iron infusions and they will be every other day for five cycles. So, three of the days are for 3:30 & we can do that, but one Wednesday is for 2:30 (the same time she gets out of school) and one Friday is for 3:00. I'll have to find someone to come pick you up on those days." Yep, it was officially a BAD day.

But... The story continued. We walked into the house, pretty dejected, and J immediately pulled out her iPod and tried to get service. She looked at me in shock. She had Internet service! I grabbed my iPad, ready to start reading email & Facebook for the first time all day...but it was not to be. Mine said, "Server not connected" or some such bad news. Okay, what to do? The thought - the comforting, peaceful thought - whispered, "Turn your iPad all the way off & wait a few minutes." J nodded her head, knowing this was a great suggestion. I pushed the off button, waited, pushed the button again for power...and HOORAY! Internet! Everything working perfectly! Thank you, God.

Now out to the mailbox. As we approached the box, we could see the larger one was slightly open & there was the package with J's new jeans! The key was still in our box, but the mailman had come & opened the bigger box for us. It was a blessing, but more than that, a miracle...because I don't pick up my mail every day (gasp!) and sometimes many, many days go by before I walk those few feet to the box. Luckily, miraculously, it had probably only been open a half hour at the most & was still there waiting for us. New jeans that fit awesome on my tall, skinny girl! Thank you, God!

We went back in the house and the phone rang. It was Rebecca with Dr. Grossmann's office. She had heard from the Infusion Center that the proper way to do my iron cycle was to do the five infusions once a week. She gave me my new schedule and it was every Monday (I'm here right now for the first one) at 3:30, except for one, which is at 3:00. On the 3:30 days, I can pick J up and drop her off at home and still make it on time for my appointment (was even a little early today). On the one at 3:00, she'll come with me & do homework or watch YouTube or something. It will work out perfectly! When I told my girl the news, she said, "Looks like all your bad news suddenly changed to GOOD!"  It is just more evidence that God watches over me & my family and has a hand in every little thing. He may not take away ALL the worry & sadness & pain & disease and real life experiences & consequences, but it's those little things that bring hope back to my life and teach me how very much He loves me. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for all You do!