Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let Freedom Ring

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about freedom. It comes with the month of July, I'm sure. Naturally, my thoughts center on the blessings I enjoy as an American - living in a land of liberty & independence - but I've also been affected lately by witnessing freedom from "bondage", literally and metaphorically. We are all victims of our own "human-ness"; none of us are free from sin, none of us are immune to our own trials and struggles. Some of us are in bondage to our own weaknesses and despair; some must move forward, in spite of past mistakes. Some of us live day-to-day, praying for freedom from pain and illness; some are blessed with a fragile freedom from worry for a season. I cherish my own freedoms, especially the blessing of being able to embrace the truths I believe and to worship the loving God I know as Creator, Father, King, and Lawgiver. His word is eternal & unchanging. He loves all His children, and like any good parent, He has set rules and given us commandments to ensure our ultimate happiness. I have learned through experience that obedience brings peace and deep joy. I have also learned that when I try to "do my own thing", happiness is fleeting and finite. 

I continue to do well physically. I'm grateful for the strength & energy to enjoy activities with my sweet family. We were able to spend time together over the 4th of July, and it was wonderful. My children are all healthy & happy and my beautiful grandchildren are my treasures, more precious than anything else in this world. Dean has been blessed to work some overtime, which helps pay bills and solidify plans for a beach vacation in August and give our soon-to-be college girl a bit of financial help to her first semester of school. It is an answer to prayers, and I'm thankful my husband has the health & strength to bless our family. In this "off" time from Huntsman appointments, I'm trying to get some "maintenance" things done. I have an appointment to get my right ear cleaned out again soon. It feels plugged and is pretty annoying...except when I sleep on my left side and can fall asleep to muffled silence! I also need to find a new dermatologist and get my skin checked. There is always something to watch and keep on top of...

More fun times coming for Pioneer Day. July is a busy month, but I love our family traditions! God bless America!

(Pictures from our 2nd annual Ruth's Diner 4th of July breakfast, complete with catching Janessa in a sneeze, fireworks & other fun B times!)