Monday, March 9, 2015

Four Years

March 7 marked four years since my original diagnosis of melanoma. When I think back to that day, I remember rain turning to snow in the late afternoon, darkness, an empty medical clinic, tears, and fears. Much has happened since then. My life was changed forever. My family's lives were changed forever. There is never a moment I forget I have cancer because it will always be there - hidden at times , but always present. There are days I feel almost normal and there are days I feel sick. Four years ago, I wasn't sure I'd make it to 2015; now I have hope & faith to make it far beyond this year and the next and the next... I feel extremely blessed.

I was blessed to see my Janessa turn 18. I will be blessed to see her graduate from high school in a few short months. I am blessed to see grand babies born and growing. I am blessed to see their milestones as they journey through their precious lives. Birthdays, baptism days, school advancements & achievements...I am blessed to witness their good choices & joys. It is more to me than earthly treasures. It is everything. I look forward to every new step. 

Four years is only the beginning. There will come a day when I will say, "Eight years...", "Ten years...", "Twelve years...", "Twenty years...", and on and on. 

(Pictures from J's birthday and L's baptism day:)